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I am a born explorer. Traveling with my family since I was a little girl and venturing on my own ever since, I have a passion for experiencing other cultures and an insatiable enthusiasm for adventure. I close my eyes and still see the breathtaking views from the top of Mount Kenya. I still smell the spice markets of Bombay. I still hear the crash of crystal waters on the Caribbean shore. And now, through my boutique travel business, it is my privilege to share these places with fellow explorers so that they too can experience these amazing areas of the world.

My specialty is combining adventure travel with pampering stays at luxury hideaways and cultural gems around the world. Whether for families, couples or independent travelers, I strive to interpret your vision for the ultimate travel experience and then to customize an itinerary to fulfill it. I love to plan trips that express my clients' passion - be it an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour at a prestigious art museum; or a private, customized winery visit led by a master sommelier. Perhaps you would like the most informed and personable driver to take you through Italy's lake country; or have a true insider's shopping trip in Paris? Whatever your travel dreams, I can help them come true. I plan every trip as if it were my own - obsessed with detail and guaranteed to delight.

This blog is a journey in itself - fresh from the pages of my own travel diary and seasoned with observations from my clients as we roam and discover the world together. I hope you will join us.

Come see where "Caroline Travels The World."

Where would you like to go next? . . . 

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