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Emily Handley

Executive Coordinator

Emily’s love for travel started at a young age with cross-country vacations all over the United States. Born and raised in Northern Illinois, she believed if the destination was 12 hours or closer, it was a road trip. These family travels opened her eyes to the wonders of small, rural towns and to the hustle and bustle of growing cities. It was the joy of experiencing something new that led to broader horizons. Her family

motto quickly became, “The beginning of a journey starts with a single step” and this has been the belief she has followed ever since.


With passport in hand, Emily has since biked the streets of Vienna, sailed around the Sydney Harbor, and sipped rum on the sandy beaches in Canouan. Study abroad programs in both high school and college took her curiosity to new heights with her conquering the ruins of Machu Picchu, canyon swinging in Queenstown, New Zealand, and spear fishing in Port Douglas, Australia. The adventures continued with visits to Greece, the Bahamas, and England. Over the years, her favorite travel memories have been those spent wandering local markets or the experiences that tested her comfort zone. With an ever-growing bucket list, her hope is to visit all seven continents with Africa, Asia, and Antarctica remaining.


Adventure is something Emily pursues even in her everyday life. Following graduation from Eastern Illinois University, she moved to Richmond, VA, where she now lives with her husband and two large lap dogs. She has shared stories with strangers across the globe and wants to show others that while the world seems large, we’re much closer than we think. That’s the power of travel.

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